PLEASE NOTE: There are two locations for CLUB CAMPING at VANWEST.

They are - Club Camping Electric Pitch  OR Club Camping Non Electric Pitch
If you wish to camp with your club be sure to book in THE SAME AREA as them.
(You can have two club camping areas, one in the Electric field and one in the NON Electric field but please note THESE WILL NOT BE TOGETHER because they are in different fields..)



There ARE NO TICKETS FOR CAMPING PITCHES ON THE GATE, we have ran out of space!

Day tickets are available for Sat & Sun ONLY!

If you already have a pitch you can get an extra camping ticket for a person only on the gate.
For example, the kids were not going to come but now they want to. If they stay in the pop top, that is ok. If the ‘kids’ are big and have their own van and want to bring that, they can not because we have SOLD OUT OF PITCHES AND DO NOT HAVE SPACE!


The show for 2019 has SOLD OUT of camping pitches, so it is not possible to buy tickets on the gate UNLESS you already have a pitch. If you have a pitch, tickets are available for the weekend. 

Day tickets are available for everyone but they are for SAT & SUN ONLY, day ticket holders must be off site by 19:00 there are NO day tickets for Friday.

Adult day tickets £12.50
Teenagers £5
Under 12’s are free

Adult weekend tickets £35

The gates open at 12:00 on Thursday & Friday for camping, the gates close at 22.30. If you want to come for an extra night on Thursday, you can pay for that on the gate. As long as you have a ticket for a pitch. Thursday night is £15