The Good Guys

We couldn’t do it with out their help and feel they deserve a flippin’ good shout out, so here goes…


First of all our wonderful Vanwest Crew, who give up their time to help us over the weekend for free. Not only do they help over the weekend a lot of them end up arriving early, staying late and helping with other tasks throughout the year.
Anyone wearing a red crew clothing item at the show or anywhere else for that matter is one of our friends and a legend!
Thank you!

The guys from Rothfink have been supporting us for a number of years bringing their unique style to the show. Injecting a good dose of awesome air-cooled patina rides. They are back again this year bringing more vehicles with them and providing more to the show, we can’t wait to have them back!
Head over to their site using the link above and use the discount code ‘VANWEST’ in the store to receive some special Vanwest only discounts…

Each year Lee and his team attend the show offering great deals and quality designs to everyone on site.

He also creates our awesome line of merch which is available on the website (check the tabs at the top of the page for the shop) and also in the information tent on site.

He puts up with our evolving ideas for clothing and our demands to keep our crew in tip top shape with our awesome crew clothing!

If you’ve ever looked at the camping ground and thought it looked cool because of all the flags, you can pretty much guarantee this man is responsible for it…

For this last twenty years Alex and his family have been attending all sorts of shows and festivals, kitting out the organisers with great flags and also the attendees which in turn creates a truly brilliant scene and vibe at the events.

This year we are pleased to have the main Volkswagen dealer Inchcape of Cheltenham onboard for both Vanwest and our sister show Dubtoberfest.

They will be bringing a selection of new Volkswagens to show on site and are also providing us some much needed work vehicles around site.

If you are looking for a new of used VW take a look at the great range they have on offer.

O’s is back for 2019 and they will be fuelling the crew throughout the weekend at Vanwest and also our sister show Dubtoberfest.

We are big fans of O’s, so much so they are our coffee bean of choice all year round with the cupboards stocked both at home and in the van.

You will find them next to the park area at the Vanwest.

Sticker decals




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Andrew from aTHOMPSONsPHOTO is back for 2019 documenting our show for us and magazines.

In fact he has never left, he also works on our social media accounts and website all year round.

If you see him with his camera make sure you give him a smile and a wave.